Dryer Vent Cleaning in Wilmington, Delaware

There are over 70,000 people living in Wilmington spread across nearly 30,000 homes! The fact that approximately 92% of house fires are related to the dryer vent, we have a lot of work to do in Wilmington. Since we are based in Wilmington ourselves, we feel a strong connection to the community and keeping everybody in the area safe.

Things To Consider...

  • When was your last dryer vent cleaning service performed?  The average time between dryer vent cleanings in Wilmington Delaware should be roughly once a year. If you wait longer, you are increasing the risk of a clogged dryer vent which can lead to a house fire.
  • Do your clothes come out of the dryer damp and musty?  If so, it is certainly possible that the airflow through your dryer vent is limited or restricted, preventing efficient drying of your clothes.
  • Is your dryer vent crushed or crimped behind your dryer?  Many contractors and clothes dryer installers use thin materials behind the dryer vent. If this is the case, your dryer may be pushing against your transition hose (dryer vent), restricting airflow and causing potential risks.

These three things are just a few considerations when thinking about your current dryer and the exhaust vent. There are many variables and factors that contribute to your safety. If you have any questions or would like us to come and help, please reach out today!

Why Work With Us?

Right Equipment For The Job

We’ve invested in specialty equipment to do the job right the first time. While you can buy DIY kits from local hardware stores, the quality often is not the same and may leave you in a worse spot than when you started. Let us take care of you and clean your dryer vent to make sure it is done right the first time!

The Price Is Right

Due to the fact that we are a private, veteran-owned business, we can keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you, the client. Many of the big businesses and franchises have high overhead costs which drive up the prices for services dramatically. Let us clean your dryer vent at a great price to protect your home.

Great Reputation

We have been building our reputation in the Wilmington, Delaware area to become a trusted name. We treat the homes we enter like our own, often leaving them cleaner than when we arrived. We pride ourselves on providing a great service, not pushy salesmen. Our top priority is your safety and reducing the risk of a house fire in your own home. Let us show you why we have earned the reputation we have!

Reach Out Today!

If you have been considering our services, please reach out with any questions you may have! Our mission is to reduce the risks of house fires in our community here in Wilmington, so let us help you live a safer life.

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