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Having The Right Tools

If you’ve ever started a DIY project around the house, you know how frustrating “easy” projects can get. Having the right tools, the right equipment, and the right supplies can make a huge difference on how quickly you can get the job done. 

Dryer vent cleaning is definitely a project that you can handle yourself – in most cases! We encounter many scenarios where we have to think outside of the box and use special equipment and tools to get the job done right, which could make things difficult for somebody trying to do it themselves. Some dryer vent runs are extremely short and very accessible like in the basement, however, you may not be so lucky. If you don’t feel comfortable addressing your dryer vent and cleaning it yourself, fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to help!

Safe & Sturdy Ladders

Many homes in our area have the washer and dryer units on the 2nd floor. This means that the dryer vent goes out of the side of the house on the 2nd story our out the roof. Do you have a tall enough ladder that you feel secure on to do the project yourself? Sometimes you can get away with cleaning from the inside, but there are certain factors that can make this much more difficult.

Is there a bird guard or screen on the exterior vent? If so, you cannot clean the vent from the inside efficiently. Is your bird guard or cage clogged or do you have a birds nest? If so, you may need to approach the cleaning from the exterior of the home. There are obvious risks associated with climbing up a ladder, so sometimes it is easier and wiser to hire a professional to do the job for you. Our pricing is rather affordable, even for dryer vents going out of the 2nd floor/roof. If you’d like a free quote, just reach out!

Proper Cleaning Brushes

The dryer vent cleaning kits from the big box retail stores typically only come with 1 low-quality brush. The brush that the kits come with may be sufficient for half of the dryer vent jobs out there, however, there are multiple considerations to determine the best brush to use. 

Do you have a birds nest clogging your dryer vent? The standard brush that comes with the cheap DIY kits may make the issue worse. Did a rod break off inside of the dryer vent? Do you have a retrieval tool to pull it out if so? Do you have a separate brush specifically designed to polish the inside the of the dryer vent rigid duct? 

We have invested in our tools and equipment and we have a variety of brushes to use for every job. We come fully prepared with not only equipment, but knowledge. Knowing which piece of equipment to use at what time can dramatically improve the chances of success along with overall cleanliness.

Transition Hoses and Ducts

Almost every home that we enter for the first time has a low-quality transition hose on the back of the dryer. In most jobs, we perform a simple upgrade to increase efficiency and safety for the clothes dryer. Do you know what you are looking for if you do the job yourself? Are you up to date on the dryer vent code?

We always have products on hand to help home owners have a more efficient clothes dryer. Safety is always our top priority, so we keep the right products on hand so we’re always ready to help!

Final Thoughts

We love a good DIY project, however, there are so many variables and factors that can make the difference between a good dryer vent cleaning job and a perfect dryer vent cleaning job. We have invested a lot of time and money into our craft, including top-quality products and equipment to get the job done right.

If you have any questions or want to get scheduled for a service, just let us know and we’d be happy to help! If you cannot remember the last time your dryer vent was cleaned, you may be overdue for a service!