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Our Pricing Model

As consumers ourselves, we understand the importance of upfront and transparent pricing. In a service-oriented business like dryer vent cleaning, there are often many variables that can cause the price to fluctuate. Such variables include location of the vent, whether or not the right equipment and materials were installed previously, and your location.

Before we come out to your home to complete our clothes dryer vent cleaning services, we’ll give you a free, virtual quote so you know what to expect. Our quotes are often extremely accurate and we’ll be very transparent if additional work is required to keep your home safe. We understand times can be tough financially right now, so our goal is to keep costs as low as possible for you. We’ll never execute pushy sales tactics like other franchises do, and we’ll never try to upgrade you to something you don’t need. We pride ourselves on having an incredible reputation built on trust.

Your Location

Since we offer an in-home service, we are always out on the road and traveling. Our service area is rather generous as we can hit many of the major towns surrounding us in Wilmington Delaware. With that being said, we don’t like saying no to helping anybody! If you are out of our 15 mile service radius, that’s not a problem at all – we can still help! We may just need to add on a small travel fee to get to you. We aren’t trying to get rich off our travel fees, but we do need to be fair to ourselves! We’ll make sure to make up for it with our exceptional service!

Just as we stated above, you won’t be surprised if we do need to add on a travel fee. We will make sure you are fully aware from the start when we give you our initial quote for our services. 

Vent Location

One of the biggest factors that will impact the price for our services is the location of your dryer and vent. If your dryer location is on the first floor and extremely accessible, our pricing will be lower. If the dryer vent exhausts out of your roof, the price will be a bit higher than if it exits the first floor. This is one of the first questions we will ask you when you reach out for a quote. Many companies will also charge you based on how long your dryer vent is, but we do not believe in that! The more accessible your dryer is and the more accessible the vent is on the outside of your home, the cheaper our services will be.

Sometimes we may suggest re-routing your dryer vent. If the vent is excessively long and over the code regulations for overall length, we may explore options to shorten the length through a reroute. During our initial inspection before we even begin, we’ll know whether or not a reroute should be in order. We can explore options with you to come up with the best possible option to save you the most money. We’ll offer a few suggestions, discuss the pros and cons, and then let you ultimately decide what you would like to do.

Commercial Pricing

While most people reading this blog are simply interested in our residential pricing model, we do offer commercial cleaning services. Our commercial services vary slightly, as the equipment we use varies just a little bit. The commercial work has different requirements than residential, so the commercial jobs and residential jobs are priced differently.

If you work at or own a hotel, a condo building, a salon, or any other business that does laundry on site, we’d love to meet to give you a custom proposal. We have the experience necessary to keep your building safe and your dryer units running as efficiently as possible. If you’d like a quote, just reach out to us and we can set something up!

Final Thoughts

Nobody likes to be surprised by the final price when shopping for goods or services. As consumers ourselves, we get it. Our primary goal is to provide the best possible experience for our clients and we want to build a lasting relationship. Dryer vent cleaning is a service that should be completed every year, so our goal is to build relationships where clients want to have us out every single year.

Some of the big national chains and franchises charge high fees due to their massive overhead and costs. Here at Dryer Vent Cleaning of Delaware, we are just a small business. We are able to keep our costs down and we pass those savings on to you, the client. If you cannot remember the last time your dryer vent was cleaned, reach out and we’ll be happy to send over a free, virtual quote!