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Our Favorite Dryer Vent Products

There’s nothing better than having the right tool for the right job, and we want to help you! Many people around the country will attempt to DIY their dryer vent cleaning, and that’s totally okay to save yourself some time and money! However, if you have the right tools and equipment, it can not only make your job a bit more efficient, but will help to create a safer dryer environment. Safety is always our top priority, so we want to make sure you’re doing everything to the best standard possible. Take a look at our Amazon favorites here! We are Amazon Associates and we will get a small commission on purchases from our links, but these are the products we believe in!

Close 90 Degree Elbows

We will be the first to empathize with you on dealing with tight spaces behind the dryer! Too often, we see crushed transition hoses from homeowners pushing their dryer against the wall. A crushed transition hose will dramatically increase the risk of a house fire, so it’s extremely important to prevent this from happening. A close 90 degree elbow like pictured above is one of the best ways to do this.

The “close 90 elbows” as they are often called, can rotate and spin to easily give you access to any angle that you need. There are many situations where these 90 elbows can make a dramatic improvement, and the best part: they are not very expensive! If you want to pick up one of these 90 degree elbows for yourself, check them out here as part of our Amazon store!

Lint Trap Cleaning Kit

Easily one of the most overlooked components of dryer vent cleaning is underneath the lint trap in the exhaust area. Everybody knows to clean out the lint trap before or after every use, but very few people will clean underneath the lint trap in the exhaust area. 100% of the lint cannot be caught by the lint trap, so that lint ends up in the exhaust area right below.

It can be extremely difficult to get down into the exhaust area, so this lint trap cleaning kit can make a huge difference to make your life easier. It comes with a brush to slide down into the exhaust area to agitate and loosen the lint, along with a thin hose which you can attach to your vacuum to suck the lint out. This is the only way to make sure your lint trap is fully cleaned!

An Upgraded Vent

Most exterior dryer vents are made up of cheap plastic parts that will warp, bend, and crack over time. The most common exterior wall vent is likely the louvered vent where the flaps blow open when the dryer is running. However, these not only break down quickly in time, they are not the best option when considering efficiency and airflow. The louvers/flaps will restrict the air and is not ideal when trying to improve drying times. 

The best option we have discovered is this WallVent from Inovate. It’s extremely efficient and will not restrict airflow, the damper secures shut with magnets when not in use making it extremely safe to deter pests and critters, and is powder coated metal to withstand the elements and time. This vent is our go-to for installations and upgrades and should also be on your list!

Final Thoughts

Every product we recommend through our Amazon store is a product we install and even use on our own home. Our main focus here at Dryer Vent Cleaning of Delaware is safety, with a side of efficiency. These products will help to maximize both aspects of dryer vent care and encourage you give these some thought!

** As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from purchases made through the links in this blog post **