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Dryer Vent Screens

Many builders, contractors, and HVAC specialists will install metal screens on the end of the dryer vent. In theory, their intentions are great – the screen should prevent critters like birds and rodents from entering the dryer exhaust duct.

The problem is, however, the screens are doing more harm than good! Too often we see clogged dryer vents and the first culprit is almost always a metal screen. Let’s dive in a bit more to look at dryer efficiency and how to reduce the risk of blockages!

Why Screens Are Bad

Metal screens are great at keeping things out, but they are even better at keeping things in! The main purpose of a dryer duct is to exhaust hot air from the dryer to the outside world. On occasion, lint may be expelled through the dryer duct. If a screen is affixed to the end of the duct, it may drastically hinder the velocity of air that runs through the duct.

Over time, the metal screen can catch lint, causing a serious blockage. This build up of lint can ultimately block the warm exhaust, causing multiple issues. 

Issues From A Clogged Screen

The exhausted air that comes out of the dryer can be extremely warm. If there is a build of lint stuck to the metal screen, you may be increasing the risk of a fire. Lint is extremely flammable, so when the warm exhausted air mixes with the clogged screen, it is a recipe for disaster.

The other main issue with a clogged screen is the stress to the clothes dryer. Due to the fact that the warm air has nowhere to exhaust to, it may take significantly longer to dry your clothes. Most homeowners dealing with excessive drying times typically have a blocked or clogged dryer vent. The warm air has nowhere to go, building up higher levels of moisture and humidity, thus never drying the clothes. Reduce stress on your clothes dryer by increasing the efficiency and improving airflow. 

The Best Option?

The Defender by Inovate is one of the cleanest, safest, and most efficient replacements for a traditional metal screen. This heavy gauge steel bird guard has larger openings for lint to escape while offering the same protection against critters and birds. 

The Defender is also powder coated to withstand the elements and will not corrode or fade with time like many plastic alternatives. The Defender guard can be opened in just seconds for easy maintenance and cleaning. This is our go-to product to increase safety while maintaining a sleek, beautiful look!

Final Thoughts

It’s important to head outside of your home to check whether or not you have a metal screen on the end of your dryer vent. If you do, we suggest removing it as soon as possible to increase the airflow from your dryer exhaust. 

Take a look at other options to protect your dryer exhaust vent such as The Defender. Continue to monitor this part of your dryer vent to avoid issues in the future. If you need any assistance and you live in the Greater Northern Delaware area, just reach out to us and we would love to help!