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Types of Dryer Vent Outlet Covers

Just like any other product you can buy, you have plenty of options. When shopping for a dryer vent outlet cover, you can choose between styles, features, and colors that best suit you. While there plenty of options to choose from, some are definitely better than others.

Let us dive into a few different options and we can provide some suggestions that may work best for you.

Standard Plastic Louvered Vent

The most common dryer vent outlet cover is a standard, plastic louvered vent cover. There are typically 4 louvers, or slats, that run horizontally to cover the outlet. When the exhaust air runs through the vent and hits the outlet, the louvers swing outwards allowing free flow of exhaust air and debris to flow out. 

These standard louvered vents are extremely common for a reason: they work well. They are easy to install and are cheap, however, are prone to wear and tear. They break easily, will slowly get weaker with time and may ultimately crumble and break. They are a good option for most people as they come in a variety of colors and shapes, however, it may not be enough.

Critter Cages

Another great option for people to get the most protection are critter/bird cage vent covers. These cage-looking covers completely eliminate the risk of birds nesting in your dryer vent. They are a little more expensive, but provide much more protection and give you greater piece of mind.

These are often made of strong materials, sometimes metal. They are typically longer lasting, making your investment worthwhile. They are strong and will do an excellent job at preventing birds and other critters from nesting in your dryer vent, causing a clog. 

What To Avoid

Too often do we see mesh and wire screens covering the dryer vent. You would think you want something to cover your dryer vent, however, it can cause more harm than good. 

Mesh and wire screens on the outside of your dryer vent will cause an increase build up of lint and debris. This will ultimately restrict airflow from your dryer vent, causing a backup and clog. This is where it gets dangerous and poses a risk for a house fire. If you have a mesh/wire screen on your dryer vent, it should be removed.

Now You Know!

There is an abundance of options for dryer vent outlet covers for every homeowner and renter. Regardless of what you choose, you need to make sure you are installing one that will work for your needs. If you live in a heavily wooded area, a critter/bird cage vent cover may be the best option.

While the choice you make for your vent cover is not super critical, just remember: do not install a screen! This should be the most important takeaway. You do not want to restrict airflow through your dryer exhaust vent, so make sure you have something that easily opens and closes.