Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Delaware

Protecting your place of business from a dryer fire should be a top priority. The best way to do that: routine dryer vent cleaning service. We custom tailor all of our service plans for each commercial client, as no two jobs are the same.

Whether you own a laundromat or run the laundry facilities at a hotel, we have a service plan that will increase your dryer’s efficiency and boost safety all while lowering your utility bill. All of our commercial clients receive free inspections and free quotes, so contact us today and let’s get to work!

We have commercial clients in a variety of industries including:

  • Hotels
  • Laundromats
  • Hair Salons
  • Spas
  • Dog Groomers
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Universities and Schools
Let us come up with a cleaning service schedule that will not only keep your business safe, but will work within your budget. Dryer vent cleaning may not be a forethought, but we are here to help formulate an approach for your business.

More about our commercial dryer vent cleaning services:

Communities, HOAs and Apartment Complex Dryer Vent Cleaning

Apartment complexes and other large housing communities greatly benefit from routine dryer vent maintenance for one main reason: safety. Dryer fires are the main source of house fires in the United States and living in close proximity to other residents poses a valid concern for safety. Routine dryer vent cleaning can dramatically reduce this risk to keep your community as safe as possible. Aside from increasing safety, you can expect a dramatic improvement in drying efficiency. This means your clothes will dry in less time, saving more money on utilities.

Here at Dryer Vent Cleaning Delaware, we have worked with many communities, HOAs, and property managers to help keep their communities safe. We provide a substantial price break for larger communities, giving peace of mind and safety to more residents at a lower cost.

We have invested in industry-leading equipment allowing us to work through an entire community in an expeditious but thorough manner. The best part is we can complete the service from the outside without ever entering the homes. We pride ourselves on being meticulous while maintaining a low impact to the routine of your residents.

Hotel Dryer Vent Cleaning

Hotels do a lot of laundry to keep their rooms safe and clean. We have worked with many local hotels who are running their washers and dryers all day long to keep up with the demand. Whether you are a smaller hotel with just 1 dryer or a massive hotel with 6 dryers, we are happy to get your laundry room on a service plan that makes sense. We often recommend that hotels get on a 6- or 9-month rotation to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

We utilize a variety of techniques to clean the dryer vents at hotels. Sometimes, we require the dryers to be running while we clean while other times, we require them to be turned off. Regardless of our method of service, we aim to impact your services as little as possible. If that means working overnight to eliminate downtime on your dryers, we’ve got you covered.

The cleaner your dryer vent is, the faster the clothes will dry. When you are doing laundry all day long, you cannot afford to have an efficient clothes dryer. We can help maximize your efficiency and safety all in one quick service. We offer discounted rates for routinely contracted service, so reach out to get a free quote for your hotel dryer vent cleaning.

Laundromat Dryer Vent Cleaning

Laundromats are extremely susceptible to dryer fires due to the sheer volume of dryer cycles that are run on a daily basis. Keeping your patrons safe is a top priority and routine dryer vent cleaning can be the biggest difference maker. Not only will laundromat dryer vent cleaning dramatically improve safety, but it will also increase the efficiency of your dryers. This means quicker turnaround time for your patrons and will extend the life of your machines.

We utilize industry-leading equipment and tools to not only clean & polish the vents, but to capture all of the lint that gets cleaned. Lint will not be left on your laundromat floors and will not be flying off the roof. We keep our work areas clean to keep your laundromat looking just as beautiful as we found it.

Laundromats will see heavy dryer usage meaning an increased demand for laundromat dryer vent cleaning. We work with local laundromats on a consistent 6-to-9-month schedule to maximize efficiency and safety. When laundromats wait any longer, they will typically see a significant build up of lint in the vents. This is not only dangerous but will force your patrons to wait longer for their clothes to dry. To get a free quote for service at your laundromat, just reach and we’ll set up a free consultation.

Salons, Spa and Dog Groomer Dryer Vent Cleaning

Businesses like spas, dog groomers, and salons have one thing in common: they all do a lot of laundry. The clothes dryers are running full time to keep up with the demand for clean sheets, towels, and other linens. In order to maximize safety and efficiency, routine dryer vent cleaning is a must. We work with local businesses to come up with a tailored service plan that makes sense logistically and financially. We are part of this community, and our priority is keeping local businesses safe.

As down owners ourselves, we know how easy it is for dog hair to get everywhere. Dryer vents get backed up easily with dog fur, so groomers need to stay on top of dryer vent cleaning to avoid potential issues. Salons are no different with the amount of laundry that is required to provide a safe service for their patrons. Excess hair can easily clog up dryer vents, so let us take care of you with one of our services.

Dryer vent cleaning in Delaware is all we do. Our primary focus is keeping our community safe through routine maintenance and service. We create customized service plans ranging from 6 months to 12 months and everywhere in between. Each business is unique, so let us customize a service plan that best suits your needs!

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We’ve dedicated all our efforts and energy to providing the best quality service in Delaware. Dryer vents are all we do and we’ve built a proven track record. Check out our reviews on Google to learn more about why local businesses choose us.